So I have watched the last Clint Eastwood movie, starring… Clint Eastwood. Here is what we thought about it.

The story

A man who has worked his entire life without caring about his family starts to deliver for a Mexican cartel. At the beginning we will not tell you what is in the bags, letting you guess what he is doing.

The scenario is good, the filming as well. Clint Eastwood play, at 89 years old, is phenomenal. Age did not have impact or Sir Eastwood.

However, I am deploring a big lack of details. I know that the realization have probably chosen to let you guess what was the life of this old man before and what he could have done to desserve his entire family to hate him. But we need to know w bit more about him to jump into the movie and believe the story.

When Earl (Clint Eastwood) starts delivering, it happen so fast that you are expecting something to happen but no… Nothing really happens.

The « Big » move

Suddenly, the SWAT gets involved. We do not know if we should applause them or if they are ridiculous not being able to arrest the cartel. Indeed, Bradley Cooper is now looking for dismantling he cartel. As we do not really know the movie timeline, we actually miss this part of the story. Again, there are some details hat should have been more precise to let the public enter the story.

The movie values

Still, you understand what the movie is about : family value. Several you will be told that family is more important than anything and you should not give it up for any reason. This message is given is a really sweet way and Clint Eastwood play make it really true. How the message is delivered is very sensitive and powerful, the real good part of the movie.

At the end we were not bored but yet not completely enthusiastic about the movie.

And you, have you seen it ? What did you think about it ?

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