It is always hard to know here to begin when planning a travel or planning a holiday. As an organiaztion freak, I have developed several tools that are very helpful to me when I organize my travel through the year. And as I am very nice (and so modest) I will sahre my tips & tools with you !

Step 1 – Define your travel plan, budget and destination

I know, most of the people are not planning their trip at least one year in advance. Sometimes, it is always good to be spontaneous and jump into a train/ plan/ boat/ donkey and go anywhere. BUT most of the times if you want to go on a road trip and/ or do something else than the casual stuff tour operator offers, you’d better follow this !


You know your finance so you should know how much you will be able to spend this year in travel. Thanks to this budget you know if you can afford a 2 weeks spa in Maurice or a 4 days city siting in Varsaw.

Let say you have 2000€ to spend (for yourself alone) this year. You go then divided with your desire :

  • 700€ for a one week trip in a far country
  • 300€ for an extended week end in a European capital (if you are european)
  • 500€ For a week in summer
  • 500€ to go skiiiiiiing (yes I never miss this one)

Starting with budget is always a good idea as it will directly help you know what you can afford or not.

Then, per trip, you need to know which budget will be for the transport, for the housing, for the food and for the leisure.


Well, I will not speak too much on this one. The only question you have to ask yourself : where do I (or we) want to go ? Be creative my dear !

Step 2 – Set your Travel plan

Ok, now we know the budget and we know where we are going. BUT WHERE THE HELL SHOULD I START ??

Don’t worry, pour a tea, sit in your sofa, and download the tools I made for you !

The excel will help you to plan your activites, to memorize restaurants/ bar/ places you’d like to go, save registration and booking you’ve made and to make a list of all stuff you need to bring with you.

How does it work ?

  • 3 different tabs
  • Fill them while organizing your trip

You will fill it while organizing yoru holidays and it will help being organized and clear about your progress.

You can download it here ! And you can also download the one I used to plan My next New York trip as an example.

Step 3 – enjoy your holidays !

Now you are ready to plan you next holidays ! Where are you going ? Did you use the tool ? Let me know everything in comment !

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